ishmil waterman feeling beautiful

I’m so inspired!

This self imposed challenge has given me a new outlook on what it is I do for a living, and a realization that purpose will move me to create effortlessly. Nothing needs to be forced.

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ishmil waterman vlog

BOOM! My first Vlog

The very creation of this video is the second step of many in my journey to conquer all internal resistance. For a long time I was pretty sure I was either too cool, or too lazy to do something like this, turned out I was just being to punk. So here I am.

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Ishmil Waterman Fine Art Flowers

Getting Out Of My Own Way

There is a challenge that most if not all creatives face. Conquering of the only true adversary who lives within. This beast goes by many names and wears many disguises but its sole purpose is to stand between the self and creation. This is how I’m conquering it.

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143 i love you toronto union station

143 (I Love You)

This February I was given the opportunity to be a part of a showcase at Union Station curated by Wan Lucas, an individual who i can only describe as warrior in the movement for greater visibility of POC in all spaces. The 143 exhibit takes hold of Februaries unique positioning. In this month we have family day, valentines day, black history month, and a solar transition into pisces. In other words it is a month to celebrate love, and in the case of this showcase, it was an opportunity to celebrate black love.

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