Ishmil Waterman Self Portrait

My name is Ishmil Waterman

I am a photographer, retoucher and art director. My photographic works have been published globally, clients include Vogue, Elle, Dressed 2 Kill, GQ, i-D and more. My work has been nominated for awards, and occupies the spaces of celebrity homes as well as major institutions. Commercially I have worked as photographer or retoucher with brands such as Nobis, Gotstyle, Harry Rosen, Hudson Bay Company, Winners, Conde Nast, Bic, and more. For 4 years I owned and managed what was rated one of the top commercial photography studios in the greater Toronto area. My time there made me an extremely skillful lighting technician and set director.

I float between commercial photography and fine art imaging, often fusing the two in experiments meant to grip and captivate the viewer. With a defined personal style I often peruse new aesthetics to challenge myself and expand my creative horizons. This craft has been nothing short of a life teacher to me, and the meaning I place behind each image has grown in depth as each year passes. My experimental approach to imaging is a result of my 16 year background in post production. I was a retoucher before I had ever picked up a camera. From color grading and retouching to compositing and digital painting, this abundance of experience allows me the ability to be a chameleon of sorts. Quickly adapting to client needs and project vision.


I have been entrusted a task which requires that i create through streams of light. My obedience to this task has resulted in over a decade of photographic expression, and a luminous sense of self understanding and purpose as a creator. Expressive as maven and mystic, I am co-founder of Halo Cult, a spiritual and creative collective of free thinkers and creators. Halo Cults key intent is to bring about the evolution of humanity through the arts, spiritual sciences and love. It is only through the arts that humanity can be united. Art transcends boarders, governments, ism’s, identity, and all of the psychological walls which make many feel as though they are separate, rather than understanding that we are one. Though a daunting task, there is no such thing as an artist who doesnt wish to save the world. 🖤